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Dance Season

Our classes run from September to June with a year end show in the last week of June. We offer competitive, performance, and recreational dance classes for young dancers between 3 and 18. As we are nearing the end of our current season, registration has closed for the 2023-24 year, but we will open up registration for Next Season in June. Please check back then to register and save your spot, or call / write to us.

(416) 748 - 2929

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Ages 3 - 5


This class is for the dancer who loves to twirl around the house with music! The program will be enjoyable, entertaining and at the same time educational. Students will meet new friends, learn to dance, and have some fun. Recreational classes are non-performing classes.  There will be no year end show (Recital).

Ages 3+


Here we introduce and build a strong foundation in basic techniques. Catered to novice dancers, this course offers detailed training by our instructors at a manageable pace. The taught techniques will be integrated into choreography that students will perform at our year end show.

Ages 5+


Students who audition and have been invited to take part in this program are dedicated to learning in all forms of dance and must commit to 2-3 days at the studio as well as practising at home. We attend 3-4 competitions from March through May and also perform at our year end show in June. At time of auditions, dancers are placed in the following  classes based on age/ability: Petite, Junior, Junior Advanced, Intermediate or Senior Companies according to their skill level.

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