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Class Descriptions



Ages ... 4+

While building off of the foundations of Ballet and Jazz this class will allow dancers to combine elements of dance and gymnastics to increase flexibility, work on tricks, and build strength.

*You must take Jazz as well.



Ages ... 3+

Ballet is the foundation for dance, in this class we will focus on establishing a solid foundation in ballet technique both at the barre and across the floor. Dancers will learn proper ballet vocabulary, positions, and movement while still having the opportunity for creative expression in a fun and nurturing environment, and making friends along the way.



Ages ... 11+

In these classes, dancers will focus on using the whole body and incorporating a fusion of Ballet, Jazz, and Lyrical styles. Classes include warm-up, across the floor exercises, and learning choreography.

Hip Hop

Ages ... 4+

These are fun and active classes focusing on body coordination and control to upbeat music. This class is for all dancers who want to let loose and get pumped up by combining the technique and styling of Jazz with a bit of street funk to the tune of an up beat rhythm.

Jazz larger.jpg


Ages ... 3+

This for dancers that are looking for a fun, active dance class. Dancers will participate in a warm-up and across the floor combinations to increase their technique in turns, jumps, and flexibility.



Ages ... 11+

This class is an expressive fusion of Ballet and Jazz. Classes include warm-up, across the floor exercises, and learning choreography.

Musical larger.jpg

Musical Theatre

Ages 10+

This class is for dancers that are looking for a fun and active dance class. These dancers will participate in a warm-up, across the floor combinations, and learn choreography to fun Musicals.

Pointe large.jpg


Ages 14+

Pointe dancing is the part of classical ballet technique that concerns pointe work, in which a ballet dancer supports all body weight on the tops of fully extended feet within pointe shoes. Pointe classes are only offered to dancers with years of ballet training.



Ages ... 3+

A form of dance characterized by percussive rhythm sounds created by the student’s shoes, as well as the floor. Students develop a greater understanding of rhythm, timing and musicality while learning basic footwork. These basic sounds will lead to more intricate combinations which then allow for more interesting rhythms.

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