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Registration is opening on July 1st for our 2024-2025 Dance Season! Click Here to learn more

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The referral of family and friends is the greatest compliment we could receive.


Every time you refer a new family to our studio and they register for the full dance season, you will receive $15 OFF your monthly tuition.


There is no limit to the number of families that you refer.


*New students must provide your family name at the time of registration in order to receive your referral rebate.


About Us


Make Every Step Count

Training in recreational and competitive classes, for boys and girls, ages 3 and up, in the traditional styles of Ballet, Tap, Jazz and the modern styles of Acrobatics, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Lyrical. Our philosophy is to provide more individual teacher attention allowing enhanced learning by limiting class sizes to 8-12 students.

Kids In Dance is committed to excellence, and it shows. We received TOP Studio 3 times throughout our 2022 dance year.

We are known for our exceptional training and offer recreational and competitive classes for dancers of all ages. 

Award Winning Studio


Registration is open for our 2023 - 2024 Season

Classes run from September to late June. The season ends with a BANG at our annual recital performance at a local theatre.  All students perform their choreographed routines, in a custom fit costume, on stage with coloured lights, curtain calls and

other special effects.

Recreational Classes

Recreational classes are non-performing classes.  There will be no year end show (Recital).  Tippy Toes and Intro Acro* which runs from September to May, and other 6 week courses that may start after February 1st will also be considered Recreational.

Ages  ...  3 - 5

Performance Classes

Recital classes will be offered to any age 3 and up.  These classes will participate in the

year end show in June.  Ballet, Tap and Jazz is offered for ages 3 and up. Dancers can add Intro Acro* and Kinder Pop Hop starting at age 4. There may be extra opportunities to perform in our community at a

few events throughout the year.

Ages ... 3 and up

Competitive Classes

Our Competitive Team is only offered through audition and will be placed on a team most suited for them.  Dancers will get the opportunity to travel to 3-4 competitions within Ontario.  These young dancers will also do Ballet exams and perform in the year end show in June.

Ages  ...  5 and up

Contact Us

800 Arrow Rd #8,
Toronto Ontario M9M 2Z8 Canada

(416) 748 - 2929

We hope to see you soon!

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